From Flip Phones to Smartphones

We've been around since pagers and flip phones. Established in 2001, Boost Mobile Local Stores is the marketing division of VHA Corporation, a Sprint Prepaid Group Master Agent committed to providing Boost Mobile store owners and their customers superior service, with a significant presence across the United States. Fueled by our commitment to our mission of honesty, humility, collaboration and innovation we have grown from an upstart company to now represent more than 2,100 retail stores nationwide.


We're Different. We Innovate.

VHA Corporation selects only top branded retail locations that fit exacting criteria for marketing participation as a Boost Mobile Local store. Each owner has a demonstrated focus on providing the best retail store experience and highest level of service to customers. With many awards to our name, VHA Corporation has the interests of the Boost Mobile brand and our store owners at heart. It's what we do together that sets us apart.

Headquartered in Diamond Bar, CA, VHA's main office has a full support team including a Call Center, 6 Warehouses, IT Support, Accounting Support, Training Teams, HR and Recruiting and Sales and Marketing Teams to ensure that Boost Mobile Local Stores receive the highest level of wireless training about each new phone and plan on the market This empowers their teams to fit each consumer with the right product at the right price.


Come See Our Smiles.

Each of our Boost Mobile Local Stores offers an experienced, knowledgeable staff and professional customer support. Our stores have the latest point of sale systems to keep our stores filled with the most popular wireless devices and accessories.

We think a wireless experience should be more than the click of a button to order. As a consumer, we want you to see the full wireless lineup side by side to compare. Look at the difference in screen size and resolution, feel the weight in your hand, hear what other consumers have to say. Our store sales teams want you to have fun with your phone purchase and be knowledgeable of its features. If there is a problem after purchase, we are there to troubleshoot between you and the carrier. We rely on your brining your friends back to our store and becoming part of the Boost Mobile family. Many of our locations also provide phone repair services.

Boost Mobile Local welcomes you to one of our many locations right in your neighborhoods to experience for yourself what has set us apart from our competition.

Boost Mobile Local …. A Personal Prepaid Experience.